Art Techie: How to use Technology to create Art

“I try to transform ideas, thoughts and feelings into paintings or sketches.”

Evans Mugo

Meet Evans Mugo, a graduate architect who takes art to the next generation. His art is exciting and the process he uses to get there even more so. Using technology to bring his ideas to life, this soft spoken artist/caricaturist transforms people and events into art pieces that evoke both thought and laughter.

1) Describe your art

I try to transform ideas, thoughts and feelings into a painting or sketch. Most of my work is driven by my own experiences and of those around me, once in a while I also get comical.

homeless 03

2) What tools do you use to create your art?

I Use a computer accompanied with a wacom pad.


3) What software (if any) make it easier to produce your art? Could you describe how you use them

I personally use Adobe Photoshop and Autodesk Sketchbook, but there are many other applications such as Mischief, Manga studio just to name a few.

The software on the PC works hand in hand with the hardware available to you. Be it a mouse and keyboard, wacom pad and key board or wacom pad only.

The software provides you with a blank surface/canvas and with your mouse or pad you can go ahead to manipulate colours and lines to create. There are many different ways to go about creating. You can use the devices or tools to emulate any style be it pencil on paper, charcoal on paper, paint on canvas and so on. Your creativity and imagination takes control from here.

hands off final

4) From the start to now, take us through your artistic journey?

From as far back as I can remember I have been sketching and drawing. I tried my luck in primary school in various kiwi art competitions. In class 3 at ST. George’s primary school my classmate and I would compete in drawing the cartoons of the time; Such as Pokémon, Samurai x and many others.

It became a hobby that I loved. This continued into high school where I would draw the teachers as they taught, making funny caricatures on the covers in between notes and on a special A5 drawing book I created. (I am still looking for it)

I participated in a Giraffe centre competition and though I did not win my work was displayed in the gallery. The feeling you get when your work is appreciated enough to be showcased is unimaginable. For at least a day, I was a very proud teenager.


Having refused to let go of this hobby of mine, I joined campus and pursued a degree in architecture at JKUAT. My fingers are crossed and praying for good results along with my collegues this is the song;(Sasa nangoja matokeo……)

It is only at the beginning of 2015, that I took up digital painting and illustration. Apart from my enthusiasm of technology I saw it as an easier way to create and preserve art.


But like a pencil and a paint brush on canvas it is merely a tool, a means to an end. The end being creation of art.

The pencil and paper remain the go to tools that I use. A year down the line and I must say I have a lot more to learn, I can only go up from here.

5) Using one word describe your art.



6) Who or what inspires you? And how do they inspire you?

There are many artists I look up to both locally and around the world.

Kenya has a lot of talent to emulate.

Jeffery Otieno ( has to be the first I should mention, a digital artist in Kenya. His work is very authentic and true to self. And I can spot his work from a mile away. I am a fan to say the least. Urban design kings based in Nairobi have exceptional work, it is evident they have very creative guys on their side.

Similarly there is one Jason Seiler ( from New York, USA. His work is just as amazing. I must also mention Adrian Wilkins, an illustrator based in Germany.

These and many more give me motivation to up my game, because the bar has been set really high.

7) What else do you do and does your art help with that?

I am a graduate architect awaiting graduation in June of this year. Drawing and illustrating helps a lot in my field. You get to visualise ideas and concepts on the fly, as well as making presentations.

2015-07-05 15.15.27

8) Where can we find you and your work?

You can find my work online via the various social media outlets.


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