What Silence means to Me.

I have been silent, but not without just cause. I decided to add a little poetry in the mix, for my breaks between projects… so be entertained, but most of all be thoroughly confused, because then and only then will you start to understand.



When a stop outweighs the depth of my words

I am in awe

I am in deep thought.

I am afraid.

I am alone.

I am complete.

You can say I am a mix of emotions

when the pure bliss of pin-drop silence

kisses my earlobes and dives in to beat my drum… eardrum.

You see, at that time, to me

nothing is everything.

Silence is the gold I retrieve from the banks of my river,

after sifting through grains of words that leave me less of what I was.

Yes, silence is indeed even more valuable…

It is the dagger through hearts

It is the weapon seldom used, yet one blow is lethal.

Silence is power.

And what of romance.

The simple caress of lips shut…

not a word, not a sound.

Sometimes, (only some times)

Silence is romance.

Silence is everything yet nothing…

And to me, everything is nothing.

Yet silence is indeed nothing

Thus, it is indeed everything.


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